“I am passionate about the power of stories, well-told, to persuade, provoke and mediate human experiences. Stories sustain cultures. Stories inspire change. Stories impact governance, development, business, commerce, education, technology and innovation. That conviction motivates my quest for excellence and effectiveness as a storyteller, filmmaker and Content Producer across the spectrum of development and corporate communications, general entertainment, documentaries and feature films. I seek to create visually powerful stories in traditional and digital spaces that are not only different but make a difference.” ~Femi Odugbemi, FTA., rpa.

“Femi is a thorough professional in TV production. He is one of the very few producers in Nigeria you can trust to deliver work of international standard. He has been able to assemble an inspired team at Zuri24 Media who deliver great work even under tough circumstances.”

Lanre Adisa Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Noah’s Ark Communications

“Femi is a very creative Producer and Film Director who has the ability to create a great story any where in the world. He is one of our very bright creative minds. Nigeria is proud of him. And it is his biddy eye for details and sense that make him stand out when one talks of the development of the contemporary Nigerian film industry.”

Prof. Ahmed Yerima Playwright and Theatre Director, Former Director-General, National Theatre and National Troupe of Nigeria.

“Femi is one of the best film producers I know personally. Apart from his very obvious creative talents, he is a professional. He has an uncanny ability to understands briefs and interpret them to the delight of clients. Femi is also very time conscious and that is refreshing in our environment. Lastly Femi is a man of impeccable integrity. I have the utmost respect for him as a film producer/director.”

Charles Abraham Marketing Communication Consultant. Former Group Managing Director, LTC/JWT Lagos.

“Femi Odugbemi has no doubt distinguished himself as a consummate cultural producer of the first order. He is thoughtful, methodical, self-reflexive, and provocative in his artistic rendition. But what truly marks him out as a postcolonial filmmaker is the extraordinary ways in which he politicizes popular screen media, maximizing it’s potential for both social critique and economic development. Acutely aware of the power of cultural representations to renovate and reinvent a society and its values, Odugbemi instrumentalizes cinema and other forms of visual culture as discursive tools to scrutinize and critique Nigeria’s failed political culture and bear witness to the vicissitudes and hopes of everyday life in Africa. His artistic investment in what he calls ‘development cinema’ clearly marks him out as a progressive and humanist. ”

Dr. Paul Ugor Associate Professor, Department of English, Illinois State University, United States.

“Femi is a skillful arranger of moving images for TV dramas, documentaries and TV commercials. He is a passionate producer of the drama of life and wants to infect everyone with the bug of storytelling in the cinematic medium. He kick started an annual Pan-Continental Documentary Film Festival in Lagos, which has run every year for the last three or so years and has won awards with his documentaries at several reputable international fora, spanning several continents on the project after another compelling project at terribly short notice.”

Toyin Akinosho Managing Partner at Upstream Information Update- Energy Intelligence Consulting.

“Femi is a true storyteller, bringing a level of creativity and professionalism that made working with him and his team a delight.”

Uzoma O. Okoye CEO & Executive Creative Director, Etu Odi