Shaffy Bello

As Adaora Bhadmus

Adaora is Kolade Bhadmus’s glamorous, trophy wife. Born into an illustrious Lagos family, Adaora is firmly conscious of maintaining hers and her family’s place in high society despite harbouring a scandalous secret or two of her own.

Gbenga Titiloye

As Kolade Bhadmus

Chief Kolade Bhadmus is the wealthy, enigmatic patriarch of the Bhadmus family. He is CEO of Nigeria’s foremost asset management firm BBP who likes to think he can control the world around him.

Ini Dima-Okojie

As Teni Bhadmus

Teni is sensitive, creative and Kolade’s eldest child. A brand consultant and daddy’s girl. Teni believes the best of everybody and must learn to grow up.

Yinka Davies

As Cissy (Cecilia) Jack Bhadmus

Cissy is Kolade’s “secret wife”. An independent woman who is fiercely protective of their children. Cissy is contentedly living the simple life in Port-harcourt until unforeseeable events force her to re-evaluate her choices.

Okey Uzoeshi

As Ola Bhadmus

Ola is Kolade’s eldest son from Cissy. He is a smart lawyer, fiercely independent and angry at Kolade for isolating his mother and sister thus making him the de-facto man of the house. However he is loyal to his family.

Hauwa Allahbura

As Ayo Bhadmus

Ayo is an angry young woman with a pathological fascination for her father’s other family especially her half
sister Teni Bhadmus. Ayo, a Business management graduate believes as “second daughter” she’s has been denied Kolade’s affection and she won’t be satisfied until she balances the scale.

Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka

As Mayowa Bhadmus

Mayowa is Kolade’s youngest son from Adaora. He is spoiled, entitled and lives a hedonist lifestyle fuelled by booze. Under all that however is a dormant razor sharp intellect capable of detecting cues easily dismissed by others.

Joke Silva

As Mama Egba

Mama Egba is Chief’s Kolade’s strong headed, older sister. She takes pride in tradition and is highly intrusive yet fiercely protective of Kolade and both his families.

Francis Onwochei

As Peter Ige-Williams

Peter is a former state governor hungry to return to seat of power. He is capable of using any weapon in his arsenal to gain political advantage especially his only son Michael who he has set up as a pawn.

Ozzy Agu

As Michael Ige-Williams

Michael is Teni’s fiancée and the only son of ex governor Peter Ige Williams. Michael genuinely loves Teni, but harbours a dark side he believes only his marriage to Teni can alleviate.

Ayo Umoh

As Dr Obi Kalu

Doctor Kalu is Kolade’s personal physician, confidant and loyal friend. He has known Kolade for several years and owes his success to Kolade who helped him build his hospital.

Nonso Bassey

As Dr Emeka Kalu

Emeka is the son of Kolade’s physician, recently returned from abroad to join his father’s hospital. Dr Emeka’s return ignites old feelings in Teni, leading to an uncomfortable triangle between himself,Teni and her fiancée.

Keturah King

As Lara Thomas

A financial guru and head of merger and acquisition at BBP's rival company MLA. Lara is on a personal vendetta to expose Kolade for the crook she believes him to be who ruined her family many years ago.

Kunle Coker

As Danlami Bako

Danlami, a northern prince is Kolade’s business partner, honorary “Uncle”to the Bhadmus children and co founder of BBP where he is content to play second fiddle until he “steps up” and discovers more about Kolade business dealings than he bargained for.

Bikiya Graham-Douglas

As Hadiza Bako

Hadiza is Danlami’s ambitious wife. She encourages Danlami to aim for greater heights, if it means at the detriment of Kolade Bhadmus’s, so be it.

Zara Udofia-Ejoh

As Onajite

Onajite is the head housekeeper and Adaora’s right hand servant. She is an efficient, well educated, outspoken feminist nearly always at odds with the remaining staff.

Bunmi Shogade

As Chichi

Flighty, out spoken maid at Bhadmus house. She is vain, funny and enjoys gossip about the Bhadmus’s.

Victoria Akomas

As Hosu

Hosu is Vyhutu’s teenage daughter who helps out in the Bhadmus kitchen. Unable to further her education past secondary school level, she’s at a crossroads of deciding regarding what to do with her life.

Harriet Akinola

As Vyhutu

Vyhutu is the uneducated cook of the Bhadmus house, determined to give her daughter a settled life the only way she knows how – by marriage.

Ese Lami George

As Nurse Oyiza

Nurse Oyiza is the silent, observant nurse on Kolade’s medical team; a waiting pawn, if only for the right price.

Kelvin Chukwuemeka

As Amos

He is the security man at the Bhadmus' house.

Eric Obinna

As Eugene

Eugene is the Bhadmus house gardener and a single father of two sons. Eugene is constantly in financial straits and forever conscious about the divide between the rich and poor.

Stephen Ogundele

As Moshood

Moshood is the Bhadmus’ longest serving staff member. A bigamist. He is Chief’s Kolade’s personal driver and knows more about Kolade Bhadmus than he lets on.